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Plumber East Auckland is a company that has many years of experience in the plumbing business. We focus on offering all kinds of solutions to our clients in East Auckland through our most expert professionals.

Each of our plumbing team members is trained and certified to carry out all types of commercial or residential plumbing projects. We guarantee 100% high-quality services to our clients in this area of the city.

In addition, we have a fleet of vehicles which is used by our professionals to move to your commercial or residential property and solve any emergency problem. Thanks to that, we can attend to the needs of our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The prices of our plumbing services are affordable for any client, and they will also have the advantage of receiving advice from our experts when carrying out a project.

Why Choose East Auckland Plumbers?

We are a recognised company in the area, thanks to our reliable and high-quality services. We offer many benefits that set us apart from other plumbing companies. Each client can receive a 10% discount on their first visit. In addition, by contracting our services, you will receive free instant estimates. Because of that and other benefits, we are the # 1 plumbing specialist in East Auckland.


Plumber East Auckland Services

Your City’s #1 Plumber

Our company specializes in offering installation, repair, and general maintenance services for residential plumbing, commercial plumbing, and emergency plumber.

Residential Plumbing Services

 Our services cover all types of East Auckland residential plumbing projects. We offer high-quality services at affordable prices so that any potential client can trust us.

We have certified and licensed plumbers who guarantee the best plumbing service to our residential customers. The entire plumbing system in your home must work perfectly, and that is where we acquire special importance.

Our experienced plumbers will quickly resolve any plumbing problems that arise in your kitchen, bathroom, or a laundry room. No matter if it is an installation, maintenance, repair, or replacement of your plumbing system, our experts have the skills to carry out any of these projects.

The residential plumbing services we offer are as follows:

Residential Plumbing System Inspection

We will visit the home of the client who contacted us in East Auckland to carry out an inspection. That will allow us to analyze the situation in detail and, based on that, make the best decision to solve the problem.

Pipe Replacement

We work hard to detect leaks in the pipes or any other defect that they have in order to proceed to replace them. We tend to use copper tubing as it is less prone to wear and is of higher quality.

Drain Cleaning

You should contact professional plumbers from time to time to clean the drains in your home. This activity should be done regularly as otherwise, it could cause bad odors and cause leaks. For that reason, it is essential to clean clogged drains so that you can comfortably use the shower, toilet, or sink.

Replacement of Pipe and Plumbing Parts

Plumbing parts, like everything in life, tend to wear out or rust over time. We replace any part of your toilet, pipes, or taps that are in poor condition.

We work hard to detect leaks in the pipes or any other defect that they have in order to proceed to replace them. We tend to use copper tubing as it is less prone to wear and is of higher quality.

Sewer Maintenance

It is important to clean the sewers in your home to remove clogs. You cannot do this yourself, so you will need a team of professional plumbers to dig the area where your home’s sewer system is located. After the process is finished, they will cover it again. It should be noted that our company also offers you cheaper options according to your needs.

Other residential services are:

  • Repair of water lines.
  • Installation of water heaters.
  • Bathroom repair.
  • Checking the water supply of the house.
  • Wall Pump Maintenance

Commercial Plumbing Services

Our services also extend to commercial properties. We make sure to provide the best quality services to any business client in East Auckland. We are aware of the importance that these places have for society, and it is for that reason that they must have an excellent plumbing system.

A property with plumbing or drainage problems can be detrimental to the business as it can lead to a reduction in customers. All of our experts are trained to carry any commercial plumbing service in the fastest and most efficient way whenever and wherever.

Our commercial plumbing services cover the following properties:



Many tourists and business people travel to this city and need to stay in a hospitality building. Our company is in charge of solving any problem that a hotel, motel, or resort may present in its plumbing system.

Medical Centers

Clinics and hospitals are places of great importance to us. It is our priority to maintain the plumbing systems in these places properly. Patients must be in a place where they are not exposed to such problems.


A good plumbing system is essential for any property where food is prepared and served. If the pipes in a restaurant are in poor condition and present any fault such as leaks, not only the customers who go to the bathroom will be affected but also those inside the kitchen.

We also offer services to other commercial properties:

  • Offices.
  • Gas stations.
  • Schools.
  • Airports.
  • Public Buildings.

Our commercial plumbing services are as follows:

  • Inspection and maintenance.
  • Water line repairs.
  • Sewer maintenance.
  • Installation and replacement of water heaters.
  • Drain cleaning.
  • Water and gas leak detection.
  • Renovation of the plumbing parts.
  • Bathroom repair.
  • Installation of public toilets in commercial properties.

Emergency Plumbing Services

It is vital for any plumbing company to provide emergency services that can meet the needs of any customer anywhere, regardless of time. For that reason, Plumber East Auckland differs from other companies.

We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, guaranteeing our services regardless of whether your plumbing problem originated at midnight.

The emergency plumbing services that we attend are the following:

  • Maintenance of septic tanks.
  • Repairing leaky pipes and taps.
  • Unclogging toilets and drains.
  • Repair of leaks in the roof and walls.
  • Repair and installation of pipes.
  • Maintenance of blocked toilets.
  • Replacement of plumbing parts.

If you have a plumbing problem on your commercial or residential property in East Auckland, don not hesitate to contact us by calling (235) 133-2511 for our experts to resolve it.

Plumber East Auckland Services

Plumber East Auckland Services

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